Working with The Calico Group has not only enhanced my professional skills, but has also given me a new lease of life where I can grow personally too. Through a supportive, inclusive environment where everyone is appreciated for who they are as well as what they do, I have been able to discover my passion for working with people and uncover skills I didn’t realise were hiding within me that were waiting for the right environment to flourish in.

Charlotte Olerenshaw, Children & Families Domestic Abuse Support Worker – SafeNet

I currently work as a Care Coordinator for Delphi Medical in HMP Manchester. The Calico Group has helped me to develop as a leader and has been a fantastic experience. I am especially passionate about the Group’s training around transformational and transactional leadership, and I love how it empowers other leaders to develop their teams.

I have also really enjoyed lots of other training opportunities within The Calico Group. My vision is to continue to have a profound impact on people’s lives, and I really feel this mirrors the values of The Calico Group

Tina Patel, Care Coordinator, HMP Manchester – Delphi Medical

I started my journey three years ago as a client with Acorn Recovery Projects. I then started volunteering as a Reduction and Motivation Programme (RAMP) Facilitator for 19 months. This really aided my recovery journey and gave me a positive purpose. I then applied for a permanent role as a Skills Training and Reintegration (STAR) Facilitator. I really enjoyed the challenge of this job and thrived in the role.

I have recently taken on a new challenge within theGroup at the organisation’s new and exciting homeless project, Gateway. This new role is a real challenge for me, but one that I hope I can tackle head on, and will allow me to grow personally and professionally. I am so grateful for The Calico Group for facilitating my recovery and also giving me an opportunity to give something back.

Shaun Taheny, Health & Wellbeing Officer – Gateway

I had been working in the Prison sector for a few years before I applied for a job with Delphi Medical, part of The Calico Group. I applied to work for Delphi Medical as I saw that they had a lot to offer and delivered a variety of other services within the Group which I was also interested in, such as SafeNet and Acorn Recovery Projects. My interview was a really positive experience, and the process from there was very smooth and efficient.

Since being at Delphi Medical for over a year, I have had fantastic experiences, and have been given a full induction, which has included training, learning about the Group’s Values, and six and twelve month focus groups with the Chief Executive and HR to provide feedback around how we have found working with the Group. The Calico Group has a strong family feel, and is always advertising for staff to take part in activities raising money for charity, and to boost our wellbeing.

I have visited other sites, learnt a lot about the other companies, taken part in a rounders tournament, and even had the once in a lifetime experience of going to Uganda with through a charity that the Group has links with, which has been my highlight so far. In my role as Recovery Practitioner at HMP Manchester, I am constantly challenged, but always supported by my team, and I hope to continue to grow in my role. The Calico Group is a fantastic organisation to work for, and provides a lot of opportunity for professional and personal growth. The Group provides valuable services to the whole community which makes coming to work each day worthwhile

Rebecca Fecitt, Recovery Practitioner, HMP Manchester – Delphi Medical

I started at The Calico Group almost four years ago. When I first started, I was shy and not very confident. The Calico Group has given me an opportunity to grow and develop in my job as Maintenance Assistant, and to make lots of new friends. I now work closely with building contractors and customers, and have grown in confidence. Thank you to The Calico Group for the chance to be the best I can be.

Geoff Birkett, Maintenance Assistant – Facilities

I am fairly new to The Calico group and only joined the organisation at the start of 2018. I can honestly say I have definitely made the right decision. The thing that makes The Calico Group unique is the caring staff that work tirelessly across the organisation to always do the right thing and go above and beyond for their customers.

The work The Calico Group does really is very special, and the time and investment that they invest in there staff is outstanding. As an employee of The Calico Group, you are always valued and encouraged to be the best that you can be. In my short time at The Calico Group, I have already learnt so much and been exposed to so many development opportunities. I cannot wait to see what my future holds with The Calico Group, and I am excited to watch the company grow from strength to strength.

Sarah Foster, HR Advisor, Human Resources

I joined The Calico Group in 2010 as an apprentice and worked in the Neighbourhood Management Team, helping to support customers living in Calico Homes properties. The Calico Group has provided me with so many different development opportunities. I took a career break in 2013 to travel on cruise ships, and was welcomed back to The Calico Group with open arms into a new role as an Independent Living Officer.

In 2017, I moved into the HR Department, and am now studying for my CIPD qualification, which I hope will help me further my development in my professional career. My favourite part about working at The Calico Group is the people – they genuinely care about you and make work a fun and friendly place to be

Emily Rawsthorne, HR Assistant – Human Resources

I joined The Calico Group in 2012 as a Gas Engineer. Working at The Calico Group has enabled me to balance being a mother to my three daughters and also work full time. The Calico Group has supported me through some very challenging times, and has been supportive and flexible in its approach. Calico has opened up new opportunities for me, such as working as a volunteer at one of their women’s refuges, as well as taking part in many different fundraising events and helping out at the children’s summer club.

This year alone, I have attended a number of different training courses to help me with my personal development and growth. I can’t imagine working anywhere else, as it would be difficult to find a company that provides the level of support, friendship and investment not only in their employees’ career development, but also their wellbeing.

Jo Rainford, Gas Engineer – Calico Homes

My journey with The Calico Group began when my planned career path changed direction. I’d heard a lot of good things about working at The Calico Group and was overjoyed to be offered a job here. During the 6.5 years that I have worked here, I have grown so much as a person that it’s barely believable, and that’s thanks to the support, encouragement and patience of staff and colleagues, and the Group as a whole. From not having any ambition initially, to recently receiving a promotion, the difference that The Calico Group has made to me professionally and as a person is tangible.

I am now studying for my formal accounting AAT qualifications, which is also something that I have never previously considered. Again, this is all thanks to The Calico Group. I really cannot speak highly enough of the organisation, and I look forward to the next 6.5 years and what it will bring. I am proud to be part of such a diverse, caring and ambitious company.

Claire Howard, Accountancy Support Officer – Finance

I started with The Calico Group at 18 as an apprentice in Finance Admin. After a year, I gained a promotion to be an Accountancy Support Officer, whilst completing my AAT course. After two years in this role, I completed the course, and then gained a promotion to become an Assistant Accountant, which is where I currently work. I have loved every minute working for The Calico Group and hope to stay long into the future

Bradley Campbell, Assistant Accountant – Finance

I first joined The Calico Group in June 2009 as an Investment Administrator in the Calico Homes side of the business. During my time at The Calico Group, I have undergone a number of promotions and am now an Investment Delivery Manager. My most memorable experience was completing a secondment through Calico Homes, where I worked with British Gas as a Customer Liaison Officer.

This was a great opportunity for me and a fantastic experience – I don’t actually think I would be in the position I am today if I hadn’t been given the opportunity to develop my skills. I learnt a vast amount around working with external contractors on site, which helped me secure a new post as a Contracts Coordinator for the Investment team on my return.

My next focus is to develop as a manager within construction, and The Calico Group continue to provide me with great training and opportunities to do this. My favourite thing about working for The Calico Group is that I have the opportunity to grow and develop, and the freedom and flexibility to try new things. The Calico Group promotes a strong work-life balance,and has supported me through some of the most challenging times in my personal life. They have such a flexible approach to staff and are willing to work with you and not against you

Leanne Smithson, Investment Delivery Manager – Calico Homes

During my journey as a housing support worker, I have been able to grow and develop myself. I have undergone the old NVQ type qualifications at Level 3. I am currently doing a Level 5 qualification in Health and Social Care Leadership and Management. I have also completed a Level 3 counselling course, which was brilliant for my own personal development. I have found the support available from different parts of the organisation really invaluable. The next stage of my journey is joining a new team over in Rochdale doing the same role; however, I shall be taking on extra responsibilities, which is very exciting for me. I can say that I thoroughly enjoy working for The Calico Group. I love the sense of care and social responsibility; it is also a lot of fun at the same time.

Andrew Robinson, Recovery Support Worker – Acorn Recovery Projects
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